Industrial Dehumidifier 18L to 240L Supplier Price in Bangladesh


Industrial Dehumidifier Richard James Hilfiger wholesale Price in Bangladesh. Capacity 18Liter to 240Liter

DeHumidifier  Dehumidifier Volume 30 Letter.
 Auto defrosting once there are frost.
 Water Full Indicator.
 Removable tank: approx. 4.7L.
 24-hour timer.
 220V and 50HZ.
 For rooms up to 90 m².
 One (1) Year Service Warranty.
DETAIL SPECIFICATION OF. Technical Detail Specifications: Dehumidifier MDDG-30DEN1.
Product Type Dehumidifier.
Model Number: Richard James Hilfiger
Power Supply 220v/50Hz
Dehumidifier Volume 30 Liter
Input Power Consumption 580W
Fan Speed 3
Country of Origin China
Energy Saving Mood Yes
Water Tank Volume 4.7L
A home dehumidifier is generally a piece of household equipment that cuts down on the stage of moisture in the air. Large dehumidifiers are also used in commercial structures such as inside ice rinks to control the stage of moisture. By their operation, dehumidifiers extract standard water from the programmed air. Midea Dehumidifier MDDG-30DEN1 gathered standard water (usually called condensate) is not normally used for drinking, and is often eliminated. Some designs, such as the ionic tissue layer home dehumidifier, discard excess standard water in steam rather than fluid form. The energy-efficiency of dehumidifiers can vary widely. fridge dehumidifiers, the most common type, usually work by illustrating wet air over-under refrigeration coils with a fan. The cold evaporator coils of the fridge device condense the standard water, which is eliminated, and then the air is reheated by the condenser coils.

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