Open Diesel Generator 800Kw 1000Kva Supplier in Bangladesh

Open Diesel Generator 800Kw 1000Kva Supplier in Bangladesh
Descriptions :

1) Universal design and manufacture.
2) Engineers are familiar with diesel generators powered by Perkins engine.
3) You could find spare-parts easily.
4) Automatic voltage regulator protects your sensitive electronics from harmonic distortion and unstable power quality.
5) Soundproof type: Very quite running–75dB(A)at 23ft(7m) at normal load.
6) Enclosed muffler for added quietness.
7) Service and maintenance accessible through easy-latch side service door.

Using microprocessor as a core, graphics LCD with big screen and backlight, key touch for operation.
Security password-protected programming levels.
All parameters use digital modulation, with higher reliability and stability.
Built-in speed/frequency detecting units can accurately judge the states such as crank success and over speed.
Power supply range is wide, accommodating to different starting battery voltage environment.
Built-in watch dog can never be dead halt, ensuring smooth program execution.
Modular configuration design, inserted type connection terminals, flush type installation, compact structure, easy installation.

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